One of the most common reasons a mom chooses to abort her child is financial stress.  When given the option to have that financial stress eased, many find the hope and courage to choose life for their baby. We at Operation Saving Life take time to understand each woman and her unique situation, discern which financial needs are most urgent, and work toward meeting those needs. The task of helping someone toward financial independence takes time and it can be very expensive.

Operation Saving Life provides various types of financial support that can include assistance with food, rent, car repairs, utilities or basic baby items. To continue to meet these needs, we need ongoing and generous donations.  We need one-time givers and monthly givers to help us meet the needs of these moms and their families.

Operation Saving Life is looking to fund and provide a mobile ultrasound unit in the near future. This is a project of great usefulness, high importance and urgency but these units are costly. Please help us fund this resource for expectant mothers by clicking below!

Everyone’s role in this fight against abortion is important, and the giving component is vital to the work of Operation Saving Life.  If you are interested in making a one time donation or becoming a monthly supporting partner, please click the link below.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Donations Coordinator, Jon Adkins at