Event Host

A Fun, Yet Important way to get involved with Operation Saving Life is by becoming an Event Host

OSL loves to give each of our expectant moms a baby shower.  Our baby showers are simple, easy ways to show love, to provide basic needs for the baby, and to celebrate the choice the mom has made to let her child live.  These showers are also beneficial in uniting families, communities, and churches and in getting others involved in the ministry. An OSL representative assists in the planning and implementing the shower.

Additionally, volunteers are needed to host information dinners or coffee/desert nights.  In the relaxed, comfortable setting of a home, friends, colleagues, neighbors and families can discuss the issue of abortion, learn more about Operation Saving Life, and ways to get involved.  These events can be as simple or as elaborate as the host would like.  Members of Operation Saving Life can help with setup, presentation and materials if needed. To host an OSL informational event or shower, contact Lizzy Alignamath, our Events Host Coordinator, at lizzy.alignamath@operationsavinglife.org.