Our motivation for our annual EVENTS is to share our vision and celebrate together all the Lord has done. We also are especially honored and excited when a local church invites us to visit with their congregation and when churches as a whole decide to partner with the mission and vision of Operation Saving Life to save the lives of the unborn babies.

"To have Operation Saving Life come to your church to speak or to set up a table with information, please contact us at".

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"Thank you, New Vision and Life Point churches, for having us!!

We are so grateful for your involvement and support of Operation Saving Life!"

"Thank you to all those who attended our Movie Night for Life at the Franklin Theater! It was a huge success. We sold out the theater AND exceeded our financial goal for one-time donations. We are grateful for each person who helped, attended, offered to get involved, and gave so generously!"


"We are ready!  We prayed for those sitting in each seat tonight."


"...every seat filled listening to our special musical guest, Phil King"