Family Partnering

As believers in Jesus, we follow His example of not standing in judgement of the lonely and hopeless.


We prefer to engage with them in loving and caring conversation to learn more about each woman and discover what brought her to the crossroads of abortion choice. We are interested in what her story has been thus far.


We are not ashamed to say we want that story to change! We pray for the trajectory of each woman’s life to be shifted through the hope and love of Jesus Christ. We do this by walking alongside her to help her realize how much she is loved by God and to recognize her need, just as each of us have, for a Savior in Jesus Christ.

During this “walk”, we understand the obstacles are many: bills, food, gas, childcare, budgeting, job, transportation. OSL is there to help overcome some of these obstacles, help the mom get on her feet and find a place of hope and community—thereby changing her story. At times the obstacles involve more than a financial need. Some women have to fight to end an addiction or want to deepen their new faith. We strive to provide emotional, spiritual and relational support in addition to the basic needs we assist with.

Women come to Nashville from miles around with the intent to abort their child. We pray and petition churches and individuals who are willing to enter into this journey of mentoring and discipling these brave women once they’ve made the choice for life. If you have a heart for a woman needing this type of discipleship, please reach out to Cathy Robinson at

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