Sidewalk Counselors

Jesus calls us to treat others the way He would—this is our approach as we go to the Nashville area abortion facilities. We bring compassion, love and truth as we speak and listen and we allow God to bring the conviction. When we trust God’s love for each person, we find there is no place for shaming, yelling or shouting.

There are many challenging situations at the abortion facilities which call for courage, compassion and discernment. We never compromise our approach or our message. We believe abortion is a gospel issue at the heart and people need to hear the truth of His love and saving power.

Pastor Scott has engaged hundreds of women and men on the frontlines as a sidewalk counselor. As a result, he has personally seen over 200 women change their mind and let their babies live! If you feel called to engage with us on the frontlines, the first step is to contact Scott at Pastor Scott provides the training at the facility where the counselors pray, observe, talk through what they’ve seen and eventually engage under the guidance and supervision of a trained counselor.


We don’t end our conversation at the moment of decision. If a mom chooses life for her baby, we connect her with one of our Mentors or into a Christ-centered community that will walk with her and assist with any needs she may have.

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Many moms fall in love with their baby at that point and can begin anew!